is a money game based on calculation of the last digit of batch number and spend time from Perfect Money transactions. You can win up to 200% from your bet, and the prize is directly paid into your Perfect Money account. This game is 100% automatic. It means that we will not interfere your game and your winning prizes will be automatically transferred into your Perfect Money account. You can completely sure that we cannot never cheat on you, because batch number and transaction time that used to determine your winning prizes is acquired directly from Perfect Money system.

  • Cheat-proof. Batch number is acquired directly from Perfect Money system.
  • 100% instant automatic payment system.
  • Last digit of your batch number and last digit of our batch number will determine your lucky number and the prize you'll get.
  • We will pay you INSTANTLY into your Perfect Money account right after each bet without any commission fee!

Lucky Number Calculation:

X = (Sum of last 2 batch digit
+ Sum of second value of spend time)
% 10

for example, after the transaction your batch number is 65593483 and your recorded spend time is 21:10:34. Then:

X =(8+3+3+4)%10 = 18%10 = 8  

Your payback is depend on this X result. You can see the payback % on the right table. For the 8 value above,
you'll get 200% of your spend!

You can check these details in your Perfect Money account transactions history and if not please contact us.


Ready to multiply your money?
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Lucky Number: You'll get:
0 0% of your bet
1 10% of your bet
2 110% of your bet
3 30% of your bet
4 130% of your bet
5 50% of your bet
6 150% of your bet
7 70% of your bet
8 200% of your bet
9 90% of your bet

** No commission fee


We use this kind of lucky number calculation to prevent someone cracking into this system by faking their batch number. You can rest assure that even us cannot cheat on you.